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Best Marketing Automation Tools: GetResponse Email

“Personalization- it is not about first or last name. It’s about relevant content.” – Dan Jak. 

If you’re selling anything on the internet in 2021, you need email. More specifically GetResponse Email.

More than that, you need email automation. Why? Email works at its best when it’s personalized. 

In a recent survey by Omnisend, it was discovered that custom workflows have the highest click through rates at just over 17%.

What does this mean for you?

This means that you need the following to succeed in email marketing. 

  • A great, creative strategy that’s viable and can be consistently executed
  • A great idea that has the potential to generate a captive audience
  • An email marketing provider that’s able to cater to your needs.

The section below is about getresponse, an email automation service which is based in Poland, delivers dynamic content via email and claims to serve over 350,000 customers all over the world. 

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content refers to content types that change and evolve based on customer actions, user sessions, and user behaviour within a digital environment. 

How does Dynamic content improve user experience?

In a nutshell, dynamic content helps the content author to transmit descriptive information about the user journey in a way that minimizes friction within the digital environment for the user. 

In this way, dynamic content is able to deliver value to the customer at the point of need and gain access to the behavioral circuits which disproportionately affect commercial outcomes. 

How can I leverage Dynamic content for my business?

The way to leverage dynamic content for your business is to communicate value to each customer at the point of need as they land on your page. 

The way to make this value exponential is to do it at scale. How you ask? 

Email automation. 

Email automation makes it possible to communicate efficiently with your customers by speaking directly to their problems in real time and consistently until they opt to buy. For context, let’s explore Lacy’s story.

Lacy’s Getresponse email automation story

Lacy owns an e-commerce platform for care items such as soaps and she’s found that many of her customers browse through, save items but never end up at the cart. 

By opting to automate that particular action, Lacy’s able to create an autoresponder message that reminds the user about the purchase and how it can improve their lives. 

Lacy’s business quadruples overnight. How?

Well, when you’re dealing with email lists with over 20,000 people, recouping 5% of that number on deals that they may have forgotten can be a windfall for your business. 

All things considered, the goal of automation is to enable interactive commercial relationships that create the possibility for rapid information, quick iteration and massive value creation. 

The section below will show you how getresponse email automation can help your business breakthrough;


Getresponse email marketing provides email marketing software, newsletters, a drag and drop landing page builder, and customer journey tracking that addresses all your marketing needs. 

Getresponse email marketing offers a powerful suite of automation tools to your business. They include;


Autoresponders are a form of communication that your users will receive after they take a specific set of actions on your website. 

Autoresponders may be set up to welcome new subscribers and provide some basic information about the key premise of your business and how it hopes to deliver value over time.

They may also be used for sales and discounting where you can provide codes for a limited time to clear out old products or drive up demand for the newer ones. 

Autoresponders are also very useful if you’re going to build a following online as they make it easy for customers to follow and benefit from your social media feed. 

In addition, getresponse email enhances the power of your creativity by enabling trigger and time-based actions based on opens, clicks, email submissions and subscriptions. 

GetResponse Email Automation

Marketing Automation tools

Getresponse offers quite a few marketing automation tools for both budding and expert digital marketers. 

Once you sign up, you may automate your marketing strategies and setup an omni-channel presence by building different marketing campaigns to help you get closer to your customers. 

With its drag-and-drop workflow builder, you can create automated workflows by setting up an ‘automation flowchart’ that instructs Getresponse on what to do if a user opens a particular offer, or clicks on a certain link. 

Also, the drag-and-drop email creator let’s you:

  • Design and send creative emails in a few clicks.
  • Use layouts and sections to communicate your message
  • View and setup schedule details in one simple view
  • Preview designs on your desktop and mobile devices. 
  • Enhance all designs with GIFS from Giphy and free shutterstock photos

Getresponse email templates

Getresponse email marketing comes with a pack that includes 220 templates that are available to you once you’re signed up. 

Each of these templates belong to a specific category but they’re all built around getresponse’s core goals of promoting, educating, selling and interacting. 

In addition, the email builder makes it possible to use a wide range of google fonts for all your UI/UX design needs. 

All things considered, getresponse email eliminates the friction of coming up with a completely new set from scratch by;

  • Explore libraries of free, professionally designed templates
  • Browse and select templates by campaign goals
  • Customize with your own branding and content
  • Build and design your own libraries

To make a sweet deal better, getresponse email comes complete with mobile responsive design templates so you can rest assured that you’re not alienating any segments. 

Conversion funnels

Conversion funnels create a pre-designed path that employs magnets, NLP, CTA’s and other sales and marketing techniques to drive as much traffic as possible towards converting on a specific product/service. 

This feature makes it possible to run a full-scale e-commerce operation from a single page on the web. Some of the automation benefits that drive your getresponse include;

  • Create a product catalogue
  • Create and sponsor Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Create landing pages
  • Assign subscribers to an autoresponder cycle
  • Direct user to sales page
  • Accept payment for products

What’s better?

You can integrate third party apps such as Shopify, BigCommerce and Etsy and this lets you switch seamlessly between digital shops and shelves and profit as you do.

User friendly Interface

Getresponse email suite comes complete with an interface that’s easy to use and simple to navigate. It also lets you create a seamless digital environment with ease as you communicate your value to your customers. 

Some of the cool things that you can do in getresponse include; 

  • Import contacts
  • Create email campaigns
  • Set up autoresponders 
  • Analyze statistics and tracking information

Getresponse email marketing suites makes it easy to access all the key features and makes it possible to create this seamlessness in your newsletter, landing pages, email autoresponders etc. 

Quite simply, getresponse email marketing suites lets you automate beautiful user experiences on the go and offers you the same value as you create your campaigns. 

Summary and Conclusion

Dynamic content makes it possible for you to create value for your customers at the point of need. 

This creates an opportunity for commerce, trade and value creation that can be lifesaving for your business. 

Email marketing makes it possible to harness the power of dynamic content and automation makes it possible to scale to thousands of people all over the world. 

Getresponse is an email marketing company that does automation really well.

If you’re looking to benefit from the wonders of this technology, you’ll be well served if you consider using them.