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GetResponse Pricing Plan

GetResponse Pricing: Which Is The Best Plan For You?

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In 2021, getting your getresponse pricing right is critical for business survival.

Why is email important in 2021?

In 2020, there were a reported 4.7 billion people active on email and with the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions on human physical contact, a lot of the conversations that matter to your potential audience are going down in the email.

How To Choose GetResponse Pricing Plan

How to begin your email marketing strategy?

To start, the first and most important thing is to craft your strategy. These questions can help you achieve a simple and effective strategy. 

  • Who is your audience?
  • Why are they your audience?
  • Is there an overlap between your audience and your customers?
  • What does your audience need?
  • How can you most effectively deliver?

Crafting paragraphs such as these from the questions above can help you define your email marketing strategy;

My audience are newly-wed millennials in Minnesota, they are my audience because they have access to the technology that my content will live on, subscribe to the channels I’m buying traffic from and have an interest in the subjects I’m an expert at. 

They overlap with my customers because they are parents of/ children of/ related to people who might benefit from owning a baby tram, and will likely decide to buy one in the next 6 to 8 months. They’re also likely to share a social circle(s) with others who are newlyweds as well. 

What is next once I’ve learnt about my email audience?

You’ll need to come up with creative email marketing ideas for your audience. There are many ways to go about this process but the best in the business usually seed their audiences to come up with creative solutions that an email marketing effort can solve. 

Below are a few questions that might be useful for you in crafting email marketing ideas;

  • What does my audience email inbox look like?
  • Does it make them feel good or bad?
  • How does my audience reduce stress or negative emotion?
  • How can I help to increase this probability in my email marketing efforts?

My audience are working class, middle age, so their emails are likely a combination of work, social media notifications and other subscriptions. Generally, emails make them feel tense as they tend to receive all the low-pressure communications in their more personal channels. 

My email marketing strategy needs to reduce stress. It also has to avoid a transactional tone like the other subscriptions. Also, my email marketing strategy needs to be positively re-affirming about the target audience’s point of care. 

Also, despite being entertaining, it has to provide useful information. 

Final Idea for Email Marketing for baby tram sales company

My email strategy will revolve around newborns and how to navigate the first week post-birth, it’ll talk about the joys and pains of the first week and what to look out for. It’ll also feature women who will tell funny stories about their first week as moms. 

I have my email marketing idea, what next?

Once you’ve got the idea part on lock, the next step is to find an email marketing service that’ll serve you the best way possible. 

In searching for your email marketing service, finding one that offers the best possible pricing is critical. The section below covers some vital information on how the getresponse email service pricing system works. 

Different GetResponse Pricing Plans


Getresponse is a company based in Poland which offers email marketing automation to over 350,000 customers across the world. 

For the most part, getresponse has evolved into an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketers and everyone who needs to sell stuff on the internet.

Some of the cool things you can achieve with getresponse include;

  • Create your own campaigns
  • Automate emails based on user actions on your website
  • Create newsletters
  • Host paid webinars
  • Track your customer journey through a flow chart
  • Plan and integrate targeted communications through your customer journey

Now that you’re better informed about how getresponse might help you, here’s what the getresponse pricing system is like;

Getresponse pricing plans

Getresponse Free Sign Up for Plans

Getresponse pricing

Getresponse SAVES YOU MONEY – BUT, you have to make the right selection of plans. While getresponse isn’t one of the cheapest email marketing, it does save you some money.  

Although getresponse doesn’t offer a free plan, it does have an option that lets you unlock all the GetResponse’s powerful tools freely for 30 days. 

If you opt to choose getresponse, you’ll find that there’s an available option to try out any plan – aside from the enterprise option- for free within 30 days.

Thankfully, you don’t need to use your credit card details, and so you never need to worry about a lock in. 

However, the basic getresponse pricing plan comes with restrictions that include;

  • You can add only 1000 contacts
  • Free landing pages support up to 1,000 visits
  • Webinars with up to 10 attendees
  • 18% savings on your subscription plan on the monthly subscription 
  • 30% savings on your subscription plan on the yearly subscription

Getresponse has a total of four plans, available for both small and large business organizations that are growth driven. 

Each plan has a minimum of 1,000 subscribers but can go as high as 100,000 subscribers, depending on the breadth of your audience and the price that you’re willing to pay.

Getresponse pricing plans

Basic Plan:

The basic plan is the cheapest plan on offer by getresponse. 

Despite its thin breadth, It allows you to discover email marketing tools that will further increase your business growth and set you on an interactive wheel with your customers. 

What will I find under the getresponse basic plan? You’ll find that there are a lot of interesting features that you will benefit from. 

  • Over 200 responsive templates and up to 2000 available templates with the Zapier integration 
  • Facebook and Google advertising 
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Lead funnels designed to improve your survey efforts

What you don’t get with the basic plan;

  • Webinars
  • Email automation
  • Customer journey tracking etc. 

While this works for small businesses with no audience, large organizations who have thousands of stakeholders and a ready audience will most likely benefit from the next option. 

Plus plan

The Plus plan all the basics that you get when you’re opting for the basic plan but with a ton of value added off the bat. 

If you’re looking for a full scale marketing functionality, the plus plan has all you’re looking for and lots more. 

Some of the awesome marketing features you get with this plan include;

  • Webinars funnels (You can host virtual events with up to 100 guests)
  • 5 automation builders for your email marketing
  • Contact scoring so you’ll have a sense of each customer’s potential value over time.

What you don’t get with the getresponse basic plan;

  • With only five available funnels in this plan, getresponse does not offer as many sales funnels as you’ll require to communicate to all your user segments.
  • With only five email automation builders, the plus plan does  suitably cover the automation requirements for larger businesses.

Professional plan

You already know the drill, you get all that’s in the plus plan and tons more. 

The professional plan is built for you if you’ve already got an audience or expect that you’ll grow one really quickly. 

It’s also ideal if you need to perform marketing functions with more breadth than what’s available in the cheaper plus plan. 

Some of the things you get from the getresponse professional plan;

  • Unlimited lead generation capacity
  • Unlimited webinar funnels 
  • 300 concurrent participants on the webinar 
  • Payment provision on the webinars 
  • On-demand webinars
  • Unlimited automation builders

If you’re a mid-sized business with thousands of customers and complex sales and marketing needs, you’ll benefit from subscribing to the professional plan. 

If on the other hand, you’re a business that has millions of customers and an audience that’s potentially as large, the next plan might be the most optimal. 

What you don’t get with the Professional plan

  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Expert support 

Max Plan

The Max plan amps up the awesomeness of the professional plan by layering expert marketing and technology guidance as you navigate the choppy waters between you and your audience. 

Once you sign up to Max plan, some of the features you should hope to get include;

  • Flexible pricing terms 
  • Customization support from the getresponse team
  • Dedicated IP address 
  • Email campaign consulting 
  • Microsoft dynamics 365 integration

If you’ve got a massive business that’s scaling all the time and requires near constant support from the getresponse team to achieve your constantly evolving objectives, then the Max plan is the option you should consider.

Summary and Conclusion

The first trick to optimizing your email for your business is to recognize the opportunity. 

If you’re going to benefit from the awesome opportunities on offer, you’ll need to generate an idea that’s relevant and contextual to your audience. 

Once you’ve succeeded in the first pursuit, the next step is to find the right email marketing service for you. 

To do this, you’ll need to conduct some discovery research to refine what’s best for your team and what’s most likely to deliver the best possible value over the short and long-run. 

Hopefully, this review can help you determine whether getresponse is ideal for you or not. Have a good one, and enjoy!


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