BlueHost servers

Do BlueHost servers work better based location?

BlueHost servers (and their entire operation) which is owned by EIG (Endurance International Group) is one of the most reliable hosting services in the world. This is underpinned by their incredible uptime stats (about 99.9%) in 2020. 

Also, with speeds of about 513ms for hosted digital assets, BlueHost certainly ranks high in performance for speed, and efficiency relative to other hosting services in its price range. One of the key factors for efficiency has to do with the location of its servers. 

For the most part, the closer the BlueHost servers are, the faster your websites and other digital assets load and for ecommerce sites, and others that take payments, load times can be the difference between success and failure with Google reporting that 53% of users abandon websites that don’t load within the first three seconds. 

Why should you care?

Well, the main reason why it's pertinent to figure this out before you make a payment is due to the fact that your site speed is a key factor if you’re looking to maximise your opportunities on the internet and especially on the Google search engine. 

Other than this, faster load speeds mean that fewer site visitors will churn or bounce off your landing page and so, although it might not seem this way, finding this information out is key for your business success. 

Where are the BlueHost servers located in 2020?

Although EIG does not publicly state where the BlueHost servers are located, reliable sources state that there are about six data centers located in different centers worldwide. These data centers make it possible for the hosting service to deliver top-notch hosting, and customer-service to clients all over the world with little to no latency. 

Utah, U.S.A:

EIG is said to operate two BlueHost servers in Provo, and Orem Utah which serve as the main service endpoints for all their operations across the world. Nameservers for these data centers may be accessed at and respectively. 

Which customers are best served by the BlueHost Utah servers?

If you live in the U.S.A, Canada, Greenland, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras , Nicaragua or any of the other countries in North or South America, unified layer servers in Utah are a great help to you.

Mumbai, India:

BlueHost serves its Asian clientele through its Indian data centers which is owned and operated in collaboration with EIG, its holding company and another Mumbai-based company. 

Which customers are best served by the BlueHost  servers in Mumbai?

BlueHost serves its Asian clientele through its Indian data centers which is owned and operated in collaboration with EIG, its holding company and another Mumbai-based company. 

London, U.K:

BlueHost is reported to service its European customer base through its data centers that are situated in London. Currently, there’s not a lot of verifiable information on this one. 

Which customers are best served by the BlueHost servers in London?

The European region which includes countries such as England, France, Germany, Sweden and others are directly served by the London data center - if reports of its existence are to be believed.

Hong-Kong and Mainland China BlueHost servers: 

The Hong-Kong data center has been confirmed to be hosted at the Telehouse data center and it provides a bi-lingual (English and Chinese) service through two distinct nameservers;, and

On the other hand, the Mainland China center is based in Shanghai and is deployed in Chinese for the Chinese public. 

Which customers are best served by the BlueHost China servers?

BlueHost services two different servers for the Chinese continent including Hong-Kong and the other geographically proximal territories such as Taiwan. The Shanghai servers are dedicated to the Chinese mainland and are only provided in Mandarin or some other form of widely acceptable dialect. On the other hand, the Hong-Kong infrastructure is detailed in the English Language.


The locations of your hosting servers determine to a large extent, how quickly data will flow between your site, the servers and the clients that use the information or service(s) you provide. 

As a rule of thumb, you should aim to be located in the same continent as your hosting company - as hosting problems that may emanate, as well as customer service issues can be escalated properly. 

If you’ve decided to host within the BlueHost service ecosystem, you’re certainly banking on a reputable brand with data infrastructures all over the world and a powerful network of companies that provide similar services - Within the range of services available on BlueHost and its sister companies, you can rest assured that your digital assets are in good hands. 

If you're trying to figure out how to host your Wix domains on BlueHost, click here to learn more.