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Is BlueHost Choice Plus Plan the best or no?

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BlueHost, which is one of the most well-known web-host service providers in the world today. With well over 2 million domains in its stead, and its position as a verified WordPress hosting partner, needless to say, they offer valuable services such as Bluehost choice plus plan. 

Whether you’re starting your first blog or have tons of pages, and more than a few webmasters in your employ, BlueHost offers a diverse range of options – one of which is the BlueHost choice plus hosting plan. 

Within the BlueHost shared package, there’s the Basic, Plus and BlueHost Choice plus. However of the three, the BlueHost plus plan is considered to be a safe haven for many websites, and digital assets of all sorts from all across the internet. 

To this end, this article seeks to cover the fundamental difference between the BlueHost choice plus plan and others in its category and hopefully, provide enough context to help you make the right decision.

BlueHost Choice Plus Plan

BlueHost Choice Plus Plan

Features list

  • Price: $5.45/ month
  • Term: 36 months
  • Service support 24/7
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Custom themes
  • Free Office 365
  • Free CDN
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate

More Details 

The BlueHost Choice plus plan comes with tons of free add-ons. Once you’ve made the initial subscription payment, you get best in class security (Secure Socket Layer, Content Distribution Network) for free. You also get Office 365 service for at least 365 days at no cost whatsoever. 

Who should buy this?

The BlueHost  plus plan is ideal if you’re an advanced user with multiple websites and spend tons of time switching  between hosting providers’ platforms. If this is you, the BlueHost plus plan gives you all the control – in the same Cpanel. This means you get to save administration time since you’ll be getting all your work done in fewer keystrokes. 

Best Feature 

In my opinion, nothing comes close to the free basic SSL service. This cryptographic transport layer ensures that all your communications are secure. This is especially important if you operate a webstore, and need to take payments on your website.

Bluehost best feature

Also, the famous lock sign right next to your domain is a sign of quality and trust – and certainly a worthwhile investment – BlueHost choice plus plan offers this feature at no cost to you. While it’s true that a few other hosting providers do too, at five dollars per month, none compares in overall value with the BlueHost Choice plus plan from a cost to value perspective.


If you’re looking for a host, BlueHost certainly offers many options for you to choose from. While most of them offer tons of value to the basic user, BlueHost plus is the recommended option for advanced users who have more than one site and require seamless hosting services across all the relevant parameters. 

BlueHost offers speed, customer service, tremendous security and one of the best basic plans available. Whether you’re a new blogger or an advanced user with multiple sites, BlueHost plus is certainly a worthy consideration. 

Please note that dashboards, cPanels and hosting services are constantly evolving and so there may be material differences in process or (and) UI/UX at the point of use. Please leave a comment if you find this to be true and we’ll make relevant changes if we haven’t made them already.

If you’re looking to move your domain from Weebly to BlueHost and need a simple, straightforward to do it, click here to learn more. 


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