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What is Total Money Magnetism

Total Money Magnetism: Honest Review

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Total Money Magnetism : Is your incredible future of wealth and happiness a pipe dream?

The first step to accurately answer this question is to attend closely to your actions (by simple observation). For most people, an effective way to do this is to make a simple list of activities that constitute your routines (The micro actions that recur over the course of your life).According to a recent study by Baumeister and Masicampo from Wake Forest University, to do lists enable task completion by making us less anxious about actions we need to take during the course of our day.After you’ve made your list, the next move is to mentally propagate your actions across time (by simple imagination), and see how all your choices have accumulated over the course of your life to create the series of routines, and circumstances that map your current life. Once you’ve completed these two simple steps, you’re ready to benefit from the content below. If you didn’t, you should save your time and STOP reading right now as the secrets detailed below are unlikely to help you!

Watch Total Money Magnetism videoIf you’re reading this article, then it’s likely that you’re one of the following;

  • Struggling financially and scouring for a potential business idea that might help you become independent. 
  • Wondering if all your hard work will accrete into wealth over the course of your life. 
  • Sceptical about it all but open enough to read through. 

Whether you’re open as a book to the possibilities, or closed off and unlikely to read beyond this line, you know for a fact that it’s difficult to create wealth. Right? Well, WRONG. The Idea that you absolutely NEED to work 70 hour or 80 hour work weeks and multiple jobs to reach your dream life is as wrong as it is commonplace. At this point, it is important to state clearly that hard work certainly increases the probability for success in any endeavour. However, it certainly does not guarantee it. Besides, excessive work has been well documented to negatively impact focus and diminish work objectives and outcomes in the medium to long run. Although Elon Musk, and marketing personalities such as Gary Vaynerchuk romanticise the “hustle”, and “grift”, others such as Warren Buffet take a much less concerted approach. For the oracle of Omaha, complete eight hour sleep cycles, a decent breakfast and a day filled with nothing but study, and reflection are the routines that have mapped out his current reality. (As at the writing of this article, Warren Buffet is worth USD 89 Billion)

Take Money Magnetism Quiz

What should you do?

Well, if you spend anytime thinking about it, you’ll find that most of your actions first manifest as thoughts. Once you understand this, it’ll become obvious that what must change and evolve are NOT your actions but the thought patterns that create the micro-routines, define your personality and form the basis for your reality. The solution therefore is a form of neurological reprogramming that will transform you into a personality capable of creating wealth and financial independence. Dr. Andrew Huberman, Professor of Neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine asserts that people have the ability to change their nervous system and alter their outcomes as a result. The practical mechanics of this system of neural change that will transform your life and give you the ability to create wealth are captured aptly and most practically in the Total Money Magnetism six step framework by Dr. Steve G. Jones.The six critical steps that are necessary for your psycho-physiological and neurological transformation have been battle tested by the British Psychological Medicine group and are considered to be medically stable across personalities and so, you can rest assured that this WILL work for you.

I should state clearly at this point that neural transformation is possible through a number of ways. To effectively reprogram your thought patterns, you may;

  • Undergo a silent retreat
  • Become a ascetic or a hermit and forego the many gifts of civilization
  • Explore the Total Money Magnetism framework by Dr. Steve G. Jones

If I were you, being as sceptical as I am, I would opt for Total Money Magnetism and not the other two. 


Well, for one, compared to the other two, it offered many more guarantees for my time, energy and resources upfront but more on that in a bit. If you’ve come this far, you have a little longer to go. Why QUIT now? 

Is Total Money Magnetism a credible option for you?

Honestly, the only way to know is to look into it. Being a user myself, I suspect that you’ll find a good reason to have a go. 

Between Dr. Steve G Jones’ appearance on some of the most authoritative media networks, his compelling grass to grace story and the thousands of people online who have found a viable path by adopting the simple affirmations and exercises in this programme, you’re likely to be in good company. 

However, should you have a negative experience, you’ll get your money back without questions asked after the first sixty days of access. If you asked my opinion, I’d confirm through my own story that you’ll be taking so much money in at this point, it WON’T be an option. 

What is the Total Money Magnetism framework NOT about?

Before we explore what money magnetism is, it’s important to clearly state what it’s NOT about;

  • This material does NOT disclaim your failures as peculiar to you: You will 100% derive value from this material
  • This material does NOT involve any real tangible effort on your part other than a strict adherence to the six steps.

This material does NOT operate at the level of conscious thought or action. By unlocking your perception, it opens your mind to the possibilities that you are currently unable to perceive.

What is the Total Money Magnetism framework about?

  • The ability to reconfigure and sculpt your mind for constant, deliberate learning, actions and positive results you previously thought to be out of your reach. 
  • The ability to maximise every moment and optimize your objectives into one or two key levers for positive impact and maximum output
  • The ability to RISE above mediocre excuses and deliver results in all aspects of your life whether at work, with your family and even in your internal life.

What exactly does it entail?

Once you sign up to the Total Money Magnetism programme, you’ll get first hand information on all the steps you need to take and everything that’s required to get you into that millionaire MINDSET. 

As you go through the process, you should prepare to have your belief systems challenged and expect a complete neurological overhaul that eliminates the poverty mentality that has you locked into a life that’s CONSTANTLY under siege. 

One of the key methods of the Total Money Magnetism system by Dr. Steve G. Jones is it’s powerful SUBSTITUTION TECHNIQUE that replaces old thoughts, patterns, beliefs borne out a poor mindset with a completely different OPERATING SYSTEM that’ll serve as the compass for your new direction of wealth, happiness and productivity. 

Also, you should know that you AGE is not a factor. All that’s needed is a COMPLETE and UTTER belief in the metaphysical power of these neurological processes that have been engineered to set you up for a life of success and accomplishment. Total Money Magnetism Quiz

What’s in your Total Money Magnetism package?

6 Hypnosis audio files for neurological reprogramming

These files are simple, listen-on-the-go type audio recordings that have been prepared to help revivify your neurology in ways that you cannot currently imagine. 

By tapping into some of the most powerful NLP techniques, Dr. Jones hits your brain where you need it the most with phrases that empower you to function at a level you NEVER thought to be possible. 

  • A 197 page electronic book on Total Money Magnetism

Here, the good doctor goes into great detail on subjects such as hypnosis and its critical relationship with MONEY and offers PRACTICAL descriptions of how you can use specific hypnotic techniques to your advantage. 

Also, you get a first hand experience of the success fundamentals of some of the most significant people in history and how you can chart your way through life using the same techniques as them. 

The third chapter is dedicated to an unravelling of the ten most potent principles of wealth generation and how you can apply them to your life right now. Finally, you’ll learn the key actions that define success in what is perhaps the most difficult part of being wealthy, keeping and multiplying your wealth.

What’s the guarantee?

It’s simple. You get six steps, for sixty days and a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your outcomes after this period. Basically, you have sixty days to change your life for absolutely FREE. Some of the places you wouldn’t get this guarantee include;

  • Universities
  • Ascetic retreats such as deserts
  • Monasteries 

What’s the requirement?

While Dr. Steve G. Jones’ revolutionary technique will work for just about anyone who is ready for a change, the sad truth is, some people are simply not. Click the button below to see if you’re ready to change your life or not. 

Download ‘Wealth Attraction – How To Reprogram Your Mind For More Money’ FREE eBook

Total Money Magnetism Book

Begin the automatic reprogramming of your brain for WEALTH, success, and abundance, in just six easy steps…


While the modern world continues to insist on mindless work and constant grind as the path out of poverty and lack, many people have found a better way – neurological reconfiguration. 

If you’re searching for a path to financial freedom and prosperity, the Total Money Magnetism framework is an invaluable, and simple six-step guide that’s practical, easy to fit into your current schedule and effective like nothing you’ve ever tried. 

What’s better? Well, for  sixty days, you’ll get the chance to explore this system for success at no real cost to you and once you realise its effect, you may decide to commit to the service into the future.


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