GetResponse landing page builder

GetResponse Landing Page Builder: Boom or Bust?

If you’re going to sell anything on the internet successful, odds are, you’ll need a getresponse landing page to do so. 

A recent survey by Hubspot showed that businesses with about 31 - 40 landing pages get 7x (times) more leads than companies with less than five landing pages. 

With this in mind, you’ll find that selling on the internet without a landing page is like winking to your love in the dark. Cliche right? It’s still true.

Why Do you need a Landing page

Why do you need a landing page?

A Landing page is usually a one-page scroll down, creative execution of visuals, copy and a CTA that aims to make potential customers/clients curious about what you have to offer. 

This is unlike the website page which aims to describe and provide information. Landing pages are all about the attention grab.

Some of the questions that can help you create better landing pages include;

  • What do my customers fear/ source of pain?
  • What do they want/ source of pleasure?
  • How can I most aptly express the problem?
  • How can I tease a solution that’ll lead them to click on the CTA?

Crafting a paragraph like this will help define your landing page audience for a virtual family album business;

My customers are well to do, older men, who live in and around the DC area. They are nervous about aging and worry about their legacy. 

They enjoy time with their grandchildren/family and will splurge on expensive items if they believe that it might contribute to a positive memory of them.

I can aptly express this problem by appealing to their nostalgia about past mistakes and their instinct for a future in which they are loved by their families. 

I can tease a solution either by offering either the elixir of youth or immortality through my product.

What next after I’ve defined my landing page audience?

You’ll need to seed ideas for your landing page. These questions should emerge from the process above and focus on the first 3 - 5 seconds of contact with your website. 

Some of the key questions to ask include;

  • How can I hook them on the first word of copy?
  • How can I hook them on the first visual they see?
  • How can I make them WANT to learn more?
  • How can I incite curiosity? 

I will appeal to my audience of older, rich family gentlemen by appealing directly to immortality in the first word of the first copy they see.

I will use images/multi-media that convey this same idea by showing an older woman who will morph into her youthful figure as he scrolls down to the CTA. 

Final Idea for Email Marketing for virtual family album business.

I have my landing page idea, what next?

Next, you’ll need to find a landing page builder you can trust. Thankfully, a simple google search should have you comparing literally hundreds of landing page builders on offer. 

When you search, it’s likely that you’ll find landing page offers from companies such as Wix, BlueHost and other such businesses. 

However, as you search for a comprehensive solution to your landing page problems, the getresponse landing page builder is one you should definitely consider. 

The section below explores the merits and demerits of opting for the getresponse landing page builder and how you can derive the best possible value if you opt to try it out. 


As we established in the previous section, landing pages are downright crucial if you sell anything on the internet.

Whether you’re driving paid or organic traffic or a subtle mixture of the two to your main digital POS, using a landing page is more likely to generate leads, and conversion on your products and services. 

To this end, digital marketers who are interested in rapid growth spend a lot of time and effort to optimize their landing pages for the right outcomes. 

Why should I opt for the getresponse landing page?

Getresponse landing page builder offers a useful, scalable bundle of marketing tools that solve optimization problems efficiently.  It achieves this by;

  • Optimizing your lead generation
  • Integrating your landing page with other core marketing functions
  • Providing advanced tracking tools so you can collect feedback and iterate intelligently. 

Also, the tools on offer extend to all the core functions of marketing and sales in an integrated way that you’ll enjoy. 

Although, there are lots of other services online that offer their landing pages as the “last bus stop” for your landing page needs, it’ll do you tons of good to consider the getresponse offer.  

What is the getresponse landing page builder offer?

As we’ve already established, the getresponse landing page builder is in a powerful bundle that includes other tools that will most probably lend you a hand with your marketing strategy. They include;

  • Full suite of email marketing tools.
  • Conversion funnels
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing automation
  • Webinars

Also, the getresponse landing page builder allows you to build stunning pages in a few keystrokes and even when you have ZERO web design experience. 

If you’re still reading, the next section is a deep dive into some of the most important features available on getresponse;

If you create your pages on getresponse landing page builder, you’ll get mobile responsive templates. 

To put this in context, since 2017, almost 51% of the traffic has come from mobile phones. In the United States, 70% of all the traffic generated comes from mobile devices. 

Without a landing page that’s optimized for mobile devices, you’ll miss out on valuable traffic, leads and customers that your business sorely needs. Your customers will also miss out on the value you have to offer. 

  • Mobile responsive templates
  • Drag and drop editor 
  • Simple embedding of forms
  • Conversion rate of 5.86% on landing page
  • Built in image editor

How quickly can I set up the getresponse landing page builder?

In about three to five minutes, you’ll have a large part of your page down already. 

With the drag and drop editor, you’ll be able to create interactive pages with text, image, GIFs and tons of other multimedia. 

Also, you can switch from the desktop design to the mobile view to make context specific changes that you need to enhance your landing page for mobile conversion. 

Besides, should you choose to, you can decide to create different variants of your landing page and live test them on your audience in real time. 

Once you set up your getresponse landing page variants, all that remains is to collect the data which is tracked and reported to you and make iterations to your original design. 

On average, the getresponse landing page converts 5.86% of the time. 

To put this in context, the average conversion rate for a landing page is 2.35% with exceptions for big brands and well known personalities who have higher rates of conversion. 

This means that once you sign up with getresponse, you’re already 3 points above the average with your landing page. 

Contact list building

One of the keys to successful conversion is the deliberate cultivation of contacts who will serve as the primary network from where your message can take on a life of its own. 

To do this, having the right landing page is critical. A great landing page is underpinned by the following;

  • Quick loading speed
  • Emotive copy and visuals 
  • A clear and compelling call to action 
  • One broad problem and one unified solution 
  • Lead generation tools

What does getresponse offer for your lead generation and conversion?

Getresponse enables you to capture the offers from potential customers and leads by providing special incentives such as;

  • E-books on lead generation
  • Coupons
  • Club memberships 
  • Virtual events etc. 

Access to these resources will provide you all the magnets you require to incentivize your audience to give you their emails or other contact details you require to communicate effectively.

E-commerce and sales funnels

Without sales funnels, it’d be impossible to commit to any kind of customer segmentation or drive a communication strategy that is suitable to your needs. 

As soon as you utilize the sales funnels you’ll be better able to segment and communicate and this combination of smart segmentation with proper, action based communication is key to conversion. 

Below is an example;

Jane has a contact list of about 100 customers who never get beyond the first page. 

To capture them, she offers blog posts that have key stats to a hot new phenomenon and generates a robust list by offering the stats for her audience’s work emails. 

Some of the emails she receives never come back to the page, some of them return a couple of times and others browse through the products she has to offer. 

To solve the problem, Jane furnishes each set of emails into a different automation responder and communicates with them according to their behavior. 

Without getresponse’s sales funnels, it’d be impossible to understand the different variables that will help you, just like Jane to craft every communication as effectively as possible. 

Conversion funnels:

Unlike websites or other informational micro-sites, marketers can use conversion funnels to complete the customer’s sales journey with interesting and engaging landing pages when you opt to use the getresponse Conversion Funnels. 

On getresponse’s user interface, you can add and manage your products that are listed on platforms such as stripe, shopify and etsy.

Besides,  with getresponse’s landing pages, you can create customized sales pages and order forms that’d use even more specific language to entice customers.

Profit maximization

With its combination of lead generation tools, email marketing tools as well as its powerful integrations, get response is well positioned to ensure that you turn a healthy profit.   

Although getresponse has powerful integrations with Microsoft 365, it is built to help you succeed in your line of business. 

To this end, getresponse offers the opportunity to purchase ads directly for Google or Facebook. You also get all the advanced tracking capabilities that can help you make the best of each shot my fgi

Getresponse offers a rich landing page tool that helps you run social media ad campaigns that in turn, drives an impressive number of visitors to your page, thereby maximizing and increasing your business profit.

Summary and conclusion

If you’re gearing to sell anything on the internet, having a great idea is just as important as having the right medium to communicate from. 

Getresponse offers a full suite of marketing tools at your disposal as well as a highly functional landing page that converts pretty well. 

You also get special benefits from advanced lead generation materials and sales conversion funnels that actually work.