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Best way to Web design in BlueHost

If you’ve just signed up to any of the BlueHost hosting services, you’re probably wondering what the best options are for your web design. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a coder or programming expert to benefit from the superb, drag and drop capabilities offered on BlueHost. 

Once you’ve signed up to the hosting services on BlueHost, you’ll get access to well over fifty-five web builders and depending on what your needs are, you may make a selection, select your preferred templates and start building!

BlueHost web design - Why should I build on it?

Well, for one, well over 2 million digital assets are hosted on BlueHost. Also, they’ve steadily maintained almost perfect uptime numbers of about 99.9% in 2020. These two factors combine to ensure that not only are you in a decent company, you can rest assured that your digital assets will always be available to your customers. 

Also, should you have any issues with your experience, you’ll benefit from a 30-day money back guarantee which ensures that you’re basically living your first days as a BlueHost client rent free. 

BlueHost - How to build your website

web design

Once you’re done with your website set-up process, and your domain name setup, all that’s left is to choose whether or not you’d want to complete your web design process on WordPress or the other website builders. 

From the BlueHost Cpanel, you can get direct access to any one of the fifty-five website builders for your convenience. Once you’re in, you’ll get access to all the capabilities that each builder has to offer. 

Bluehost - How to design your website

Once you’re done with the construction process, you may use the Elementor web design tool to bring it to life. Elementor comes complete with tons of features that you’ll certainly benefit from once you’re ready to go. 

Also, this tool has over 4 million active installs and so, you can rest assured that it’s both well equipped for your current needs and well-supported to get ahead of the changes that you’ll need to evolve and grow your website. 

How to Install Elementor  for web design

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to the tab that says “plugins” and click to add new
  • Search for and click on Elementor to install
  • Activate Elementor

Getting the best themes for web design

Envato is a WordPress web design plug in which is available for free if you’re working within the WordPress ecosystem. Here, you can find hundreds of impressive templates to implement in new, unique and thought evoking ways for your website. Once it’s all setup, you’ll be able to import whatever templates you select into your own personal collection.

For small business owners, this tool is an invaluable help as it cuts down the development time and makes it possible to quickly iterate your digital assets and evolve your web presence on the go without resorting to technical help or esoteric code. 

How to Install Envato for web design

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to the tab that says “plugins” and click to add new
  • Search for and click on Envato to install
  • Activate Envato


For the most part, building and designing your website in BlueHost involves the actual building process with a drag and drop website builder, selecting themes and building out what your pages actually look like with tools such as Elementor and the other tools on this list. 

If you’re looking to go on this path, there are so many tools available to you and as you explore, depending on when you do, you’re likely to find a few more than those covered in this blog. When you do, you can generally follow the processes stated herein as you explore and build.

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